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For Students and Parents

Students can learn lifelong skills and knowledge through music -- so much more than just their individual instrument -- teamwork, diligence, discipline, respect, responsibility, and dealing with success and failure. In private lessons, students receive one-on-one attention, which helps students advance more quickly on their instrument. Bassoonists, in particular, benefit from lessons because the complexities of our instrument are difficult to solve without the help of a specialist. Plus learning is more enjoyable when we explore it together.


Students are expected to practice daily, express a positive attitude, and attend local music events to expand their knowledge. 





My goal is to develop artistry, proficiency, creativity, and individuality in every student. The fundamentals of bassoon playing -- including tone production, embouchure, articulation, and technique -- will be addressed at each lesson through the study of scales, etudes, and solo and duet literature. My approach is focused on making performance on the bassoon as natural as possible, as a means of self-expression and an extension of one's voice.



"WE NEED REEDS!!!" I do make my own reeds which are available for purchase. In addition to lessons, there will likely be two or three reed-making sessions held per year. These sessions are for students at a certain level interested in learning the art of reed making. Students are required to have specific tools of their own in order to make reeds. If interested in purchasing reed tools prior to a reed session, please contact me to discuss feasible and affordable options.

"Laura has helped bring the love and passion of not only music, but of excellence and pride into our students lives. Our bassoon studio has grown to 8 members and it is because of the work she has put in to help all of our bassoonists achieve success." - Director, Hendrickson High School



"I studied with Ms. Miller for about four years and she helped me tremendously. I would not be playing at the region and all-state level without her! Every week she challenged me and helped me grow as a bassoonist. She is the sweetest person and was very enjoyable to work with. Ms. Miller's talent inspires me everyday to be a better bassoonist; her reeds are really awesome, as well!" - Lisa, student



"My daughter studied with Laura and under her tutelage achieved both region and state honors! Laura was very supportive, changing her schedule to accommodate special lessons and even bringing "emergency" reeds the day of competition when we needed it! She is an astounding bassoonist in her own right and translates her knowledge and skill to her students with ease. I would highly recommend Laura." - Fay, parent



"I am really happy that my son had the chance to work with Laura on bassoon. Before taking private lessons with her, he was floundering and not making much progress. After he began to take weekly lessons with her in his freshman year, he truly grew as a musician and bassoonist--he and the other bassoonists at his school have had many achievements at the local and state level under her tutelage, and have become a critical part of their band. I appreciate her work with him, and know that he would not be considering playing bassoon in college without her mentorship." - Andrea, parent






"Thank you for teaching how to play the bassoon. You made a huge difference. I learned to love playing the bassoon with your help. Thank you for everything!" - Brittany, student



"Thank you so much for inspiring the kids to LOVE music and their bassoon." - Director, Park Crest Middle School



"Having you teach at our campus has been so much more rewarding than we can say. Our students loved working with you and you were a joy to have around." - Director, Pflugerville Middle School



"Thank you so much for sharing your love and enthusiasm for music and bassoon. Rebecca has improved greatly under your direction, and you have helped your students to grow musically. Thank you for the wonderful spring recital and showcasing each individuals talents." - Tina, parent



"I can't thank you enough for the wonderful influence you've had on my son. I appreciate your professional qualities and personal touch; it was a perfect combination. Thank you for providing such a strong foundation." - Debbie, parent



"I found the recording from the non-major recital...When I listened to it, I was impressed with how I sounded, and that is really all thanks to you! I really sounded miles better compared to when I first came to UT...thank you for being such a great teacher. I had so many bad habits that you helped make me aware of and improve on." - Claudine, UT student



"There are so many great things to say about having Laura teach for us. Laura was our private bassoon teacher for three years and she always went above and beyond to make sure each of her students were successful. Aside from their weekly lessons, Laura took groups to many bassoon recitals, found online resources for them to use at home, was the sole provider of their reeds, and had students qualify for music camps across the country. She is a huge asset to any program she is a part of, we miss her greatly." - Director, Pflugerville Middle School


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